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    There has not been a protest on such a scale in the modern history of ours, which stood as strong and united together, lived freely, and turned parliament grounds into our own community, our own home, our own place to be.


    On Feb 10th 2022, we stood up against The New Zealand Police to Hold The Line, while they violently attacked some, while arresting 122 peaceful protestors. The New Zealand Corporation tried to toss us to the side, but we arrived on their doorstep and lived freely in their face. Those that could, flooded to parliament. Those that couldn’t make it, watched our citizen journalists livestream the truth, and sent food, supplies and love.


    We endured a cyclone! We had sleepless nights while they attempted to psychologically weaken us, being woken by police actions at all hours of the night, using Trevor's sprinklers, flood lights, and the playlist of just a few songs - and an old ad to get jabbed - on repeat for days. They tried to stop our food supply, our waste removal, our infrastructure, yet with everything they threw at us, we stayed, we lived, we danced, we laughed, we loved, and we were free - We still are free!


    The media painted us as the scum of the earth. Yet the people came, they saw, they gave and received love; they supported everything we stood for. And the opinion of the nation shifted as they witnessed the true visions from our media, from our eyes, from our hearts. The nation saw us alive, living, free, standing together; while they complied and lived restrained and alone, entrapped by a overbearing Government.


    March 2nd (that final day) was a strategic move by The New Zealand Corporation. They demanded their New Zealand Police Force move against peaceful protesters, against their own citizens. Those dressed in blue uniforms attacked innocent men and women, and endangered children, knowing the outcome would be violent. This was played out in the media, to reverse the public opinion of who and what we stood for, and to protect Jacinda's ego.

    Their violence was matched by some, the media had a frenzy, and public opinion shifted slightly. But we know what really happened during our 23 day inhabitation.


    We invite every single one of you to come together again, to reunite and commemorate our occupation. To laugh, cry, cherish, empower, connect and reconnect, and stand once again in peace, on our own whenua provided by our people. We will reverse what they did to us all on that final day and reclaim that date as ours.


    March 2nd is our date of celebration, a date of revolution, a date of change - Showing the nation that the lifelong bonds, the memories and connection between us all, will last forever! We will stand together again whenever we need to, to ensure this nation of ours remains ours!


    We invite you all to BE together again for this first annual commemoration of March 2nd

  • We!

    We Lived, Loved & Stood, Together!

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    "We Lived"

    Tents on parliament grounds 2022

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    "We Loved"

    Freedom Village Hare Krishna tent.

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    "We Stood..


    Police attack innocent people on March 2nd

  • Where?

    It is with a huge pleasure and excitement to announce to that;

    The First Annual March 2nd Commemoration Reunion - will be held on 20 acres of private land and native bush, with natural springs running through the bush, highly charged, energy packed river bend at the bottom of the sites cliff, intense Glow Worm thriving, in the central to all location of


    Dannevirke/Tamaki Nui-a-Rua. March 1st through until March 5th.


    We heard the call for a centralized location, therefore the decision was made to accept the offer from one of our truth and freedom fighters, to share their space and create this reunion of everyone who stood side by side at Parliament for 23 day and those who supported from afar.

    Camping, under the stars or in your camper-vans for five days from March 1st.

  • Contact your team

    This is your commemoration, talk to us! Let us know what you vision and want!